Emotionally Feeding Yourself

I have a friend who is very good at feeding herself emotionally. That is, when she needs sympathy, support, or encouragement, she has no problem reaching out to get what she needs. I, on the other hand, being the product of 200 years of Yankee stoicism do not.  As a result, my friend manages to get most of her emotional needs met while I tend to keep everything bottled up until I explode like a shaken bottle of pop.

I bring this up because for many of us, the next ten days will bring a tidal wave of emotions.  Some of us will be overwhelmed by stress as we struggle to make the holidays special while balancing day jobs and other responsibilities.  Others will find themselves missing loved ones. Still others will feel blue and alone.

Therefore, it’s more important than ever that we make sure we’re emotionally fed, and I don’t mean sitting in the kitchen stuffing ourselves with sugar cookies and brandied eggnog (delicious as that sounds.)  No, I’m talking about making sure that when we get overwhelmed, we have someone to listen, to give us hug and make us feel like we matter.

So do not be like me! Do not suffer in silence until you explode. Find someone who will be willing to listen and tell themyou are struggling. Don’t dance around the issue, either. (Another one of my mistakes.) If you are hurting, say you are hurting.

Remember, you deserve as much emotional food as the next person.  Don’t shrink back because a friend has a “bigger” problem, or it feels like all the attention is somewhere else.  There should be enough oxygen in the room for everyone.  And, if there isn’t. If your problem gets short shrift because someone else is demanding more attention, then find another room.  Reach out to a relative. Text a friend. Text a different friend. Talk to a co-worker. Talk to a complete stranger on a message board or a help line**.

What matters is that you get the food you need.

** There is no reason to suffer in silence ever.  If you are feeling extremely low, lonely and helpless, the Samaritans are there 24/7 to provide comfort and support.  Call or text (877) 870-4673 (HOPE)


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