The 26 Days of Encouragement

November 28 was the first day of Advent, which, for Christians, is a season of love and light.  Coincidentally, it was also the first day of Chanukah, or The Festival of Lights.

This convergence couldn’t be more perfect because for me, the best part of the holidays is spreading as much cheer and brightness as possible.  Since for many people, the month of December can be difficult, I’m making a point of posting daily words of encouragement on my social media pages from now until Christmas.  I’m calling it The 26 Days of Encouragement.

I’m inviting all of you – no matter what holiday you celebrate – to join me in this project by doing your best to spread joy and encouragement to the people in your life.  Post uplifting notes on social media.  Reach out to someone who’s having a rough time. Perform a random act of kindness.

In short, just help fill this month with light. It can be our way of ending 2021 on a positive note.  What do you say? Are you in?

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