Reunited With Her Blue-Eyed Billionaire is Out Today!

It’s release day for Reunited With Her Blue-Eyed Billionaire, my last Harlequin Romance for quite a while. (I’d say never, but you know – never say never.)

Between you and me, this was a difficult book to write. Not because of the book itself, but because I wrote it shortly after Romance Writers of America imploded, and the resulting fallout left me with a very bad taste regarding romance in general.

Nevertheless, Whit and Jamie forced me to give them a happy ending. Reunited With Her Blue-Eyed Billionaire is about getting a second chance at love. Whit and Jamie were too young to appreciate what they had in college. Thankfully circumstances (some of them tragic) give them another opportunity. I’m especially proud of how Whit grew from a callow man on campus to a man of depth. He fought hard and overcame a lot of demons to become a better man. This time around he not only love Jamie, he deserves her.

I hope you’ll check out Reunited With Her Blue-Eyed Billionaire. You can grab your copy at any of the vendors below!

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