The Wait is Over! Backyards Have Bodies Is Here!

Do you hear that noise? It’s the sound of me cheering (and maybe sighing in relief as well).  Backyards Have Bodies, the long-awaited sequel to The Suburbs Have Secrets is live and for sale on all platforms.

Backyards Have Bodies picks up a few months after the end of Suburbs. Having protected her secret, Sadie has put her crime-solving days behind her. She and her friends are gathered at Rob Carmichael’s house to commemorate the Red Sox equipment truck leaving for Florida. (And before you ask, Truck Day is a real thing here in Boston.)  Little do Sadie and her friends know, however, that the evening will end in murder.  To make things worse, Rob is the prime suspect.  To clear her best friend’s name, Sadie must doff her amateur sleuth hat yet again to find the real killer. Fortunately for her, Dan Bartlett, Woodbridge’s sexiest detective, is around to help.

The official date of Backyards Have Bodies is September 1. However, thanks to some technical issues (I messed up my pre-order listing), the book is live now. This means blog fans will be able to grab a copy a few days early.

If you haven’t read the Sadie McIntyre series yet, you really should check it out. I like to think of these books as cozy mysteries laced with  trademark Barb Wallace sassiness. They’re fun, fast-paced reads, readily identifiable to anyone who lives in the leafy suburbs.

Check Out the Sadie McIntyre Mysteries Today.  Available wherever e-books are sold.


Click on the covers to purchase through Amazon. 

BACKYARDS HAVE BODIES (non-Amazon platforms)

THE SUBURBS HAVE SECRETS (non-Amazon platforms)


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