Can You Help a Girl Out?


BookBub is a free reader service that provides readers with book recommendations, news about price discounts, and updates from favorite authors.   It’s actually a pretty cool way to discover new authors.  Think of it like Goodreads, but will far less bells and whistles.  You simply get recommendations for well-liked books. I review there frequently.

For an author, it is a terrific place to advertise and promote your work.  However, access to their benefits is based on how many people are following your updates. (I currently have around 500 people following me which doesn’t qualify me for much.

Therefore, in my quest for world domination – okay, to push the Sadie books into bestseller land –  I am asking a huge favor.  Would you please head to Bookbub and follow my author page?   You can find the link for it right here: BARB’S BOOKBUB PAGE.

Thank you in advance for the help.  I really do appreciate it.  I also think you’ll enjoy the book recommendations!



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