Behind the Scenes: Lewis Matola in Her Convenient Christmas Date

In just a couple weeks, my November Romance, Her Convenient Christmas Date will be available for sale.  I really loved writing this book.  Susan Collier, the snarky, truth-bombing sister from Their Christmas Miracle gets her own happy ending!  The rest of the Collier family is on hand as well for some Yultide happiness.

So, fun fact.  In the first draft of this story, former UK Football star, Lewis Matola, was mixed-race. He was half-Filipino, half-white.

Why then, is the man on the cover white?

Backing up, Lewis was a foster child whose only identity was as a superstar football player.  In his mind, the sport and his ability to excel were what gave him value.  Now he’s retired, and he’s discovered that his bad boy reputation has held on.  He’s no longer Lewis Matola, super star.  He’s Lewis Matola, washed up, hard drinking bad boy.  He no longer feels as if he matters, and his journey to understanding what it is he’s really searching for, plays a large role in the story.

However, no where in the story, does his search encompass understanding his Filipino roots and culture.   A true mixed race hero, who knew nothing about his background or family, would want to understand that part of him.  What I’d created was a very white centric journey.  In order for me to accurately portray Lewis’s experience, I would need to rewrite the entire book and do a ton of research on what it’s like to be Filipino.  (Not to mention an adopted Filipino raised among white people.)

This was not something I could accomplish in the 14 days I had to complete my revisions.  Therefore, Lewis became white.

Understand that I still believe we need diverse books.  It’s why I strongly support #OwnVoices. But white authors need to write minority characters with care.   Skin color and sexuality are not character traits.  Creating a minority protagonist, simply for the same of saying your book features diversity and without fully understanding the culture you are trying to portray is wrong.

Thankfully, I realized my error before my book went to print.  It was a valuable learning lesson and one I hope other authors will heed.

In the meantime, please read Her Convenient Christmas Date!  It’s a fun holiday romp that I think you’ll enjoy!  I’ll be sharing a sample chapter later this week.

Thanks for reading.



Their fake relationship…

…isn’t just for Christmas!

Ex-footballer Lewis Matola urgently needs to clean up his reputation, and heiress Susan Collier is the only woman who can help. Their agreement’s clear: they’ll be each other’s fake date for the holiday season—no feelings involved! But as Christmas Eve draws near, Lewis becomes intrigued by the side of Susan she keeps hidden from the world. Soon it’s more than just snow swirling between the unlikely pair…

Preorder your copy below!



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