The Positivity Initiative

When did the world get so f*cking negative?  Don’t answer that – it was a rhetorical question.   Sometimes it feels like the whole entire world is depressed.  Now, can I blame it?  Not really.  The world is pretty screwed up right now.  But, you know what? It’s always been screwed up.  Fifty years ago, people sat around thinking out the world was messed up.  (But Barb, you’ll say – it wasn’t screwed up like this!  Guess what – that’s what they said)  Fifty years from now, people will still be saying it. (And, if you think we’ve got problems, they’re going to be looking at some huge ones.)

My point is, things suck.  The writing market sucks.  The political and social climate suck.  The climate sucks.  That doesn’t mean, however, that we have to let is suck us dry.   The way I see it, there is a real need to a place to celebrate positivity.  To help us battle the dark days by sharing helpful and hopeful information.

And, so….

What is The Positivity Initiative?  To be bluntly honest? I’m not 100% sure.   My vision is for this blog to share articles and guest posts on how we can bring more positive energy and happiness into our lives. (In addition to book and behind the scene news of course.  Girl’s gotta eat.)  I have no idea if what I post will be of interest or not, but it’s far better than complaining and dragging the world down.

So keep watching this spot for more positivity.  Oh, and if you would like to guest blog – drop me a note!

As always – Thanks for reading!

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