Summer Reading Wrap Up


Outlier that I am, I read less in the summer than I do in the winter.  I did though, manage to get through a few titles.  Most were “okay” with one stand out for you social psychology geeks.  (Paging my friend, Farrah Rochon.)

The Summer Country by Lauren Willig.  I look forward to getting my Lauren Willig book every summer.  She is probably my favorite author.  The funny thing is that she’s either OMG Awesome! or Meh for me.  This book was Meh.  It’s a slow build that takes about 200 pages to get moving.  But then, boy is it good.  A B- for me, but with a caveat that even a B- book by Lauren Willig is better than most books.

The Golden Hours by Beatriz Williams.  Another book I’d been dying to read because I loved Summer Wives.  Sadly, this book didn’t wow me in the same way.  Williams is a really good writer.  She has the ability to make every character sound different and in keeping with their time period – not an easy feat.  But the book took too long to get moving and, to be honest, I wasn’t invested in one of the lead characters, at all.   So a C for me.  Still, I will grab her next one.  Williams is that good.

The Laws of Human Nature by Robert Greene.  This is the book that occupied most of my summer.  It’s a 600 some pages of social psychology.  I’m pretty sure most of you will never pick it up.  But it was brilliant.  I walked away with a ton of insights about things like generational differences, narcissism, shadow selves, and more.  A total A+.

The Dollhouse by Fiona Davis.  Clearly I was into books that began with THE this summer.  After finishing the giant psychology book, this was a great palate cleanser.  Like Summer Country and Golden Hours, it’s a duel time period story.  The story set in 1952 about the Barbizon Hotel was great.  The story set in 2016?  I wanted to smack the heroine several times.  Still, I was caught up in the mystery and can’t wait to try another title by her.  A solid B

Schars Gluten Free Puff Pastry.  Yeah, I know this isn’t a book, but if you have a Gluten Allergy and like to bake, you MUST try this pastry dough.  Not only does the pastry taste good, the dough is super easy to use.  I made turnovers this morning and they came out fantastic.  I’m going to try it for an apple pie later this fall and will report back.  Total game changer for me.  A+++

While we’re on book titles, by the way, I should let you know that Her Convenient Christmas Date is now available for pre-order.

Ex-footballer Lewis Matola urgently needs to clean up his reputation, and heiress Susan Collier is the only woman who can help. Their agreement’s clear: they’ll be each other’s fake date for the holiday season—no feelings involved! But as Christmas Eve draws near, Lewis becomes intrigued by the side of Susan she keeps hidden from the world. Soon it’s more than just snow swirling between the unlikely pair…

Fans of Their Christmas Miracle will recognize the Collier family.

You can pre-order your title using the links below:


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