Busy, busy, busy!


This is my to-do list for the next four months, minus my day job schedule or holiday prep.   Color-coded because I want to keep the projects organized.

You’ll notice that September doesn’t look that bad.  Until you realize that one of those items is Write a Book.  Then the month starts to look a little bit more daunting.

You know what else is missing?  All the emotional labor that comes from monitoring house operations.  Do we have enough cat food? Is it time to do laundry? How about meal planning.  Captain Pete is great about doing chores if I ask him to help.  But that’s delegation.  The monitoring still exists.

One of the problems that comes with being a working female creative is that there’s always something that has to get done.  Every break you take pushes you back so that you can never truly rest.  Is it any wonder  women are always complaining about being exhausted?

Shout out with a “Hell Yes!” if you agree.

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  1. Lesley M Mathews says:

    Hell Yes! Went through this today. Worked, ran some errands, tried to write, ran more errands, got dinner etc, can’t find the first part of the chapter I already wrote. Please God tomorrow is better!

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