I’m Back! (And I’ll Be at a Book Fair)

Turns out my time in the deadline cave was a lot longer than I planned.  Apparently trying to write a novel around a funeral and a wedding is not very productive.  Who knew?  Fortunately, I have both a very understanding editor and an understanding husband because I have been a writing fiend this month.  For the past 30 days I have worked at Barnes & Noble in the morning, and then come home to work on the book.  In between I managed to squeeze in a book release and a talk in New Jersey.  Fun times!

But now the first draft of PREGNANT WITH THE PLAYBOY’S HEIR (title subject to change) is on my editor’s desk. This means I can spend November tackling BACKYARDS HAVE BODIES, the long overdue Sadie mystery.  My goal is to be back on schedule by the beginning of 2019.  Fingers crossed!

I’ve got a bunch of plans for 2019 that I’ll be sharing with you over the next few weeks, including a couple really fun projects that are still in the development stage.  (Yeah, I know, I’m being coy and it’s annoying.)

Meanwhile, I wanted to let you know that I’ll be participating in a book fair at the Barnes & Noble in Bellingham on Saturday, November 10.  The book fair is to benefit the Friends of Hopkinton Library.  I think we all agree, the world needs libraries.  I’ll be signing books with a variety of authors.  Please stop by and support this great cause.  

One of the books I’ll be signing is my latest release, THEIR CHRISTMAS MIRACLE.  Early reviews indicate it’s becoming a fan favorite.  You can get a copy at the book fair or one.


BTW, a book with the same title made the USA Today list last week.  I won’t complain if you all want to help push me onto the list this week.  Just sayin’….

Have a great week all!  Talk to you soon and as always, Thank You for reading.



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