Catching Up with Y’All

Wedding Fever

It’s T-4 days until my son’s wedding. He’s marrying a lovely young woman and everyone is thrilled.  Everyone is also going a bit insane with last minute details. Yours truly is in charge of writing the actual ceremony while Capt. Pete is performing the ceremony along with the bride’s grandfather.

Needless to say, writing is going to take a back seat for a few days.  My plan is to get up early in the mornings in order to squeeze in a few words before the craziness takes place.

I’ll be posting photos of the happy event on my Facebook page this weekend. Stop by and check out the happy couple!

Deadline Blues

As soon as the wedding is over, I’ll be disappearing for a bit. The deadline for my Bucket List Brides book is quickly approaching. Between wedding and the day job, I’m a bit behind.

What’s the Bucket List Bride book, you ask? It’s part of a four book series that I’m writing with Donna Alward, the legendary Liz Fielding and Nina Singh.  The series follows four winners of a “Bucket List” Auction and how their prizes lead to love. My heroine won a trip to the lavender fields of Provence.  It’s got lavender fields, a brooding hero, moonlit gardens and a secret baby.  Did I catch your interest? The book will be out August 2019.

Release Craziness

Finally, once I return from the Deadline Cave, I’ll be ramping up promotion for my November title, THEIR CHRISTMAS MIRACLE. I’m both nervous and excited for this book, as I broke the Harlequin mold a bit when writing it. I’ll be sponsoring a giveaway soon on Goodreads.  Keep an eye out!

Oh, and for those of you waiting for the next Sadie Mcintyre mystery: I haven’t forgotten you. My mom’s broken hip and subsequent passing set my publishing schedule off, but I promise, Book 2 is coming. Thank you for your patience.

Well, it’s time to do another round of wedding prep.  As always, thanks for reading!

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