Zen, Kumbaya and Beautiful Stories (plus an update)

‘Tis a duty to write beautiful stories…..”

For a long time, I had that quote pasted in a inspiration book that I kept on my desk. Sadly, I’ve since lost that notebook, and can no longer remember the rest of the quote or who said it.  I think it was Margaret Brownley.  No matter, the words, said long before I sod my first book, have stayed with me my entire career.

‘”Tis a duty to write beautiful stories….”

It’s easy to become discouraged as a writer. The world isn’t a pretty place, and in some ways, our own little corner of the publishing world mirrors some of that ugliness.

This month has been an especially an ugly one on a number of fronts.  This weekend, I got a text from a a friend lamenting the state of the writing world. The recent drama had led her to become discouraged over the various games and tricks writers use to push their books to bestseller status.

She’s right, of course. There are a lot of writers out there gaming the system. There are also a lot of writers angry with the system in general, both the old one and the one post-2011 when the indie movement exploded. Moreover, there are a tremendous number of writers focused solely on short-term gains without any thought as to what long term consequences their actions may have in the future.

Sometimes it feels like authors are so busy with being published that they’ve forgotten the importance of the writing.

This is Where The Blog Becomes Zen (and I Sing a Little Kumbaya)

Unfortunately, I can’t control those writers. I can’t make them stop gaming the system or taking advantage of a situation any more than I can stop the pollen from blowing off the pine trees in the yard next door.

What can I control? My writing. That’s pretty much it. I certainly can’t control how my career is going to pan out. Hell, I can’t even control how my week is going to go these days. I sure as hell can’t control my success. I can try my best in terms of marketing and networking, but success is never guaranteed.

But I can focus on writing my stories.

Correction, I can focus on writing the best stories possible. I can remember the advice of that inspirational quote and work to give the world beautiful stories, and at the end of the day look in the mirror and feel proud of my accomplishments.

Because that’s all any of us can do. And, when you think about it, maybe that’s enough. After all, if we all focus on creating beautiful stories, and filling our own own little corners of the world with integrity and beauty, all those little corners will start to add up.

To that end….

Life these past six months has been upside down at the House of Wallace with one unexpected personal crisis after another.  Therefore, I’m proclaiming June 1 the official restart of 2018.  I’m going to take the summer to focus on – you guessed it – writing words and some other fun creative ventures.  Top of of the list will be Backyards Have Bodies (the long awaited new Sadie McIntyre venture) and a couple brand new romances. There’s a few other writing projects in the fire as well.

Stay posted to this site or visit my Facebook Group, Cuppa Joes Café for more info.

In the meantime, thanks for stopping by!

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