Thursday Thoughts: 12 Cozy Mysteries for a Good Cause

Hey all!

My colleague, mystery author Colleen Mooney has asked me to help her spread the word about a wonderful charitable undertaking she and 11 other cozy writers are doing.  The 12 Slays of Christmas Holiday Mystery collection was written specifically to help the animals displaced y the hurricanes in Florida and Texas.   100% of the proceeds go toward the cause. That’s right. These 12 authors aren’t making a dime! 

If you love reading mysteries, love Christmas, and love animals – consider pre-ordering the 12 Slays of Christmas.  (Don’t quote me, but I’m pretty sure pre-orders allow money to get to the shelters faster. Otherwise, the authors have to wait until the following royalty period to collect the money.) 

Oh, and did I mention the price is $.99?  Visit the 12 Slays of Christmas for more details and to pre-order your copy today.

This animal lover thanks you immensely.  🙂

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