RWA elections, Losing, and Being More Diligent

My ego took a bit of a hit last week. I wasn’t re-elected to serve on the Romance Writers of America (RWA) Board of Directors. There’s no one to blame for the loss but myself. The past couple of years have seen me withdrawing from social media for mental health reasons. (I be neurotic, as you know.) As a result, I haven’t been as active on Twitter or message boards, and even when I was active, I wasn’t vocal, if that makes sense.  My posts focused on kittens, coffee and other benign topics. Things that don’t exactly get you known in the social media sphere. Therefore, it’s not all that surprising members went for other, better known candidates.

Still, I won’t deny that it stung being the only returning candidate not to be reelected, or that I flashed back to every childhood exclusion I ever suffered. Losing sucked. Took me a day or two of drowning my sorrow in Halo Top Ice Cream and gummy bears before I felt better.

But, it is what it is. Clearly, the members wanted someone else in my place. I can respect that. I might not like it, but I can respect it. The ladies who won in my place are extremely intelligent authors who will represent RWA well. My hope now, as I wind down my service, is that my fellow members feel I did RWA proud.

One thing that losing does mean is that I’ll have more time to write. At least that’s what should happen. The problem is my is whirling with so many tasks and projects. Seems like every five minutes a new idea pops into my head. Ideas for novels, ideas for promotion, not to mention ideas for things I want to do around my house.  I find myself simultaneously excited and overwhelmed. And, impatient. Like I told my friend, Donna Alward today, I want to do everything now.  If only time would stand still for a few days so I could catch up. But even then, I ‘m afraid I won’t.

Such is the life of a modern writer. *Takes a deep breath.*

One of the things I have decided is to be more diligent about this blog. I haven’t a freaking clue if anyone reads the things I write here, but in the slim chance I do have readers, you can count on more regular content.

That’s all for now. I’m off to work on the print version of The Suburbs Have Secrets which will be released this week. In the meantime, keep writing and reading.

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