How about a Sadie Snippet?

It’s a cloudy Tuesday here. To brighten things up, I thought I’d post the opening paragraphs from The Suburbs Have Secrets, the first book in the Sadie McIntyre Mystery Series. Look for the book this October.


Chapter 1

Everyone has secrets.

Take, for example, the good folk of Woodbridge, Massachusetts, population 7,256.

Like many of the leafy suburbs outside of Boston, Woodbridge has beautiful, tree-lined streets and acres of manicured community athletic fields. The kind of town that routinely places high on those Best Places to Live lists.

And it’s just bursting with secrets.

Trust me, I know. Having sold real estate in Woodbridge for the past nine years, I can safely say I’ve seen more dirty laundry than I care to. Just this past week, for example, my client opened what she thought was a utility closet in the basement and found the seller’s dominatrix supplies. Needless to say, the riding crop collection discouraged them from making an offer.

That’s the thing about secrets. Eventually, they get out. And when they do…

Let’s just say things can get really, really messy.

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  1. Great hook! Sorry for automatically making comparisons, but this has a bit of a Stephanie Plum vibe to me—which is a great thing. Can’t wait, Barb!

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