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Ever decide you’re going to take a week to catch up, only to have the week booked up with unexpected appointments?  that’s been my week.  This week was supposed to be the start of “Operation Declutter” at the Wallace house.  Instead, I found myself  planning a Tattoo’s engagement party and having a few emergency coffees.  Don’t get me wrong – everything I did was important.  But, my house is still filled with clutter.  Here’s hoping the weekend isn’t as busy.

Speaking of Tattoo…Since he’s between work assignments, he’s offered to be my general handyman.  Meaning, I’ll be getting a lot of landscaping and painting done this month. God bless strong, capable sons!

As far as my writing projects, both The Suburbs Have Secrets and Christmas with the Millionaire Boss are on editors’ desks.  I should have comments back in a couple of days.  I’m especially excited to see what my freelance editor thinks of Sadie’s adventure.  Soon as I hear back, I can get cracking on final revisions and start sharing snippets for you all!

In the meantime, I’m slowly learning the world of independent publishing.  There’s a ton to digest, for sure, with lots of authors telling me what I “Have” to do or not do.  Anyone who knows me knows I’m going to figure out how to give indie publishing my own twist based on what works for me and my readers.

One idea that I do like that a lot of my fellow indie authors have embraced is the idea of creating a Readers Group.  I’m going to be creating one later this spring so people can find the Sadie Snippets easily.  As release time gets closer, I’ll be giving away Arcs and other cool things as well.

I’m also studying how to make my newsletter better and more useful for readers.  If you, a reader have any ideas – pass them along.  One thing I don’t want is to bombard you with ads about my book.  I want to give you all useful – or at least interesting – content.  As far as I’m concerned, you all get enough junk mail.

Finally, you may have seen the posts about my being contemplative about friendships and other things.  Sorry if I’m sounding all cryptic and deep.  As I get older, I’m realizing that my time is very precious, and am thinking hard about how I spend that time.  Like everyone, I have a few energy vampires in my life.  (Just like I’m sure I am an energy vampire to others now and again.)  One of the things I’m working on is how to hold these people close without letting their negativity drain me of my positivity.

Okay that sounded equally vague.  Meaning it’s time to close this post.  🙂  Till next time!


PS:  Check out the new Sadie banner!  My friend Selena Blake of Ecila Media is doing some branding work for me.

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