I’m Taking a 30 Day Social Media Detox

This morning, I was telling my friend that I’ve lost confidence in my writing.

I used to have great confidence.  Then two things happened: I sold my first book, and social media exploded.  At first I loved Twitter and Facebook.  They put me in touch with friends I hadn’t talked to in years, they kept me on top of industry trends, and above all, they provided cute kitten photos and funny memes.

But, as I pondered my lack of confidence, I realized that those funny memes and kitten photos have given way to political vitriol and continual promotion.  My feeds have become so cluttered with people shouting about their books or shouting about politics, that I find myself weighed down by all the negativity.   It’s effecting my writing, and my self-confidence.

And so, I’m taking a page from Jason Zook (@jasondoesstuff) and, starting December 26, I’m taking a 30 day break from all social media.  I’m going to be using an app called “Self Control” which will block my access, and I’m deleting the apps from my phone.  I’m hoping that by taking a 30 break, I’ll regain some of my positivity, and return a happier, more joyful writer.

I’m not cutting myself off completely.  I’ll still be checking email (obsessively, I think), and I’ll be hopefully blogging more.  In fact, that’s one of my goals in 2017 – to blog more rather than guest blog.

Meanwhile, I’ll leave you with pieces that helped inspire me to take my detox.  Jason Zook’s blog on his detox experiment and Cal Newport’s (whose Deep Work I’ll be reading right after Christmas) video on why he doesn’t like Facebook.

Take care all!


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3 Responses to I’m Taking a 30 Day Social Media Detox

  1. Peggy Jaeger says:

    Barbara – I feel ya, Kid! I’ve blocked all the politco posts and my FB feed halved!
    Enjoy the “vaca!” And Happy Holidays.
    Peg Jaeger

  2. I can relate. I think a social media break is a fantastic idea!!

  3. I do this quite a bit throughout the year too, Barb. Sometimes I just really feel I need to get away-I always come back refreshed. Good luck! 🙂

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