On Getting My Act Together

A few of my colleagues and I created a email loop where  we talk business and career planning.  It’s a bit intimidating as these other women are incredibly smart and savvy.  The way they approach their writing careers is amazing.  Me?  I’m more like the right fielder who is distracted during game time by chasing butterflies.  (Coincidentally, not unlike how actually played softball.)

That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, however.  I’m slowly coming to the conclusion that my writing goals and motivation are different from theirs.  Which is fine.  No matter what my goal, I still need to approach my career in a smart way.

Meanwhile, I mentioned last week that March 1 was the start date for getting my act together.  Since handing in the revisions for BEAUTY AND THE BROODING MILLIONAIRE, I’ve been focused on playing catch up with my reading and administrative work.  Oh yeah, and housework.  Here is a little known fact about the life of a published author.  When deadlines loom, cleaning stops.  Towards the end, showering and sleeping also stop.  Honestly, it’s not a pretty sight around Casa Wallace.  Thankfully, the Captain and I have different definitions of what it means to have a clean house.  I grew up in a Stepford wife style home whereas he feels as long as the house isn’t covered in filth and there’s no dirty dishes lying around, we’re good   We usually strive to fall in the middle, but I’ll tell you – his loosey-goosey attitude comes in mighty-handy when I’m late on a manuscript!

Back to getting my act together however.  My main goal is to figure out how write more while writing better.  I have several stories that I’m itching to tell – stories I really think you’re going to like.  A second goal is to figure out how to make this blog interesting for you all.  Because I doubt rambling about productivity every week is going to win me any favors.

I know what might though – book news!  Next week I’m starting a new book set in Tuscany.  It’s part of an amazing author continuity that features people like Susan Meier, Jennifer Faye, Michelle Douglas and more.  So starting March 9, I’ll be spending my days listening to Tuscan music and lighting grape-scented candles.  Since the story takes place at a vineyard, I wonder if I can get away with drinking wine all day too….

I’ll keep you posted.  In the meantime, I thought I’d share a picture of my latest celebrity boyfriend.  He’s pretty….

rob james-collier


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