A Writer Turns Fifty: Year in Review

celebrateWell, the year of Barb Turning Fifty is almost over, and what a year it was.  For starters, I actually did turn fifty.  (Turns out birthdays happen whether you name a year after them or not. Go figure!)  The birth date itself was pretty uneventful – which is funny because I also declared 2014 to be my year for having new experiences.  Turning a half a century made me realize I should embrace live with more vigor. And so:

  • I tried sushi and wondered why I didn’t try it before.
  •  I tackled my first Single Title romance and discovered I wasn’t quite ready to make the leap.
  •  I took up yoga.
  • I watched as, after seven years, the Captain launched his refurbished sailboat.
  • I went to San Antonio and hooked up with an online friend I hadn’t seen in years.
  • I learned the joys of online #CocktailFriday with some fabulous Twitter friends.
  •  Tattoo and I talked about indoor skydiving but couldn’t get our schedules to mesh.  We did, however, take in a Red Sox game together.  (They lost.)
  • I attended my first college football game. (Seriously, I went to an all-women’s college. We didn’t have a football team.)
  • My best friends threw me a fun weekend in Boston for my fiftieth, including dinner, a show and a whole lot of shopping on Newbury Street.
  • Those same friends and I froze out butts off in an Ice Bar in July.  Yes, I said Ice Bar.  It was fantastic.
  • And, of course, the Captain and I took our long-awaited trip to Europe where we had more experiences than I could possibly list.  I still can’t quite believe I actually saw the Eiffel Tower!

All and all, I think my Year of Turning Fifty was pretty damn good.  Did I accomplish everything I wanted to accomplish? Of course not.  No one ever does.  But one of my resolutions for 2014 was to focus on the positive in my life, and so those missed opportunities will simply go back on the list for next year.

What is on tap for next year, you might ask? First on my checklist is to take a couple weeks off to finish my next novel.  Which is fitting, because I’m  declaring 2015 the Year of the Story.  Last year, I let myself become distracted by (and despondent over) the business side of  the industry.  This year will be about reclaiming my joy of writing, learning to love my process and to focus on the one part of the industry I can control.

More about that in a few weeks.  In the meantime, have a wonderful New Year’s Eve.  May you all have a prosperous, happy, and healthy 2015.


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