Merry Christmas

the real santaSorry for the late post, but since I’ll be busy prepping for Christmas next Wednesday, I thought I’d combine two weeks of posts into one.

Looking back on the year, I have to admit I have been extraordinarily blessed these past twelve months.  Have there been rocky moments? Absolutely, but the good has overwhelmingly outweighed the bad, and for that I am extremely grateful.

This Christmas, I wish good blessings on all of you.  For my readers – I hope the next twelve months brings nothing but good health and prosperity.  For my writer friends, I wish you all words galore, career success and many, many drama free days.  And for my non-writer friends, I wish days and days of happiness.  My the Christmas spirit stay with us all long after the tree is gone and the stockings are put away.

Merry Christmas everybody!  Talk to you on New Year’s Eve!


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