Vacation’s Over :-(

I’ve got the post-vacation blahs this week.  That’s what happens when you spend ten months (more like ten years!) planning a dream trip.  Once it’s over, you’re thrust back into reality.  Which, in this case, includes revisions on my latest Romance.  While I really like this story, I will confess, I miss those jammed-packed vacation days.

Clearly this means I have to start planning another dream vacation.  Captain Pete and I started doing this the other night. Naturally, I was all about returning to Great Britain, but he’d like to try somewhere else.  His suggestions are the Florida Keys or perhaps a Sailing Charter in the Caribbean.  Of course, since dream vacations are expensive, the next trip might simply be a weekend on his boat.  (I did inform him that I will not be going anywhere on the vessel until the plumbing is installed.  I do NOT pee in a can.)

Luckily for me, I’ve got at least a year to think about what we’re doing.  Meanwhile, it’s revisions, football and getting ready for the holidays.  Oh, and thinking about 2015!  I’m looking at redoing this website and blog to make it more reader friendly.  If you have tips on what things you’d like to see changed, please let me know.

Until next week, have a great week!


PS:  Here are a few more photos from vacation.  These are from Caephilly Castle in Wales.  Caerphilly was built by Gilbert the Red in the 11th Century, and was where Hugh the Dispenser and Edward II met their fates.

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