It’s A Facebook Birthday Bash!

birthdaybashbannerSorry for the late post. I’ve been putting the finishing touches on the Barbara Wallace Facebook Birthday Bash! (Re: figuring out how this shindig is going to work.) 

Next Tuesday I finally turn fifty, which means two things: You no longer have to read posts about my impending milestone and I’m having an Online Party to celebrate.

How does an online party work?  Well, it’s surprising simple.   The Birthday Bash will be Monday, July 14.   All day long, people are invited to visit the Birthday Bash page.  Once there, you can post pictures of your evening gown, your celebrity date, even the shoes you are virtually wearing.  All without leaving your house.

And since this is all fantasy, you’re encouraged to go crazy.  Want to put on that sequinned micro-mini and drag Jensen Ackles along for the ride?  Go ahead.  While you’re at it, post pics of the fantasy car the two of you will be driving as well.

Oh, and did I mention there are presents?  Not for me – for guests.  Several of my writing colleagues will be stopping by as well.  They’ll be giving away books to people who leave comments.  Then, on Tuesday, July 15 (my actual birthday) I’ll be selecting one guest to receive a $50 gift card to either Amazon or Barnes & Noble.  

So please attend.  Invite your friends to play along as well.  The whole point of the day is to have some fun.  (And maybe win some real live books.)

PS: Visit the page later this week for a list of authors who are attending as well as some pictures of our virtual party location!

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