Failure to Launch

Bar Harbor 2012 132 - Copy sans souci at anchorSo, Captain Pete has this sailboat that he’s been rebuilding for the past seven years.  A 31 foot 1967 Seafarer.   Cherry paneled walls, custom cabinetry, a tiny little coal stove for cold fall nights.  Despite the fact that much of the refurbishing has taken place inside our house, I have to admit, the ship is going to be gorgeous when he’s finished.  There are but a few finishing touches left.  Then he can have it surveyed and put in the water.  For seven years, he’s looked forward to the moment his ‘baby’ joined all the other boats in the marina.

Wouldn’t you know, he’s been dragging his feet over the last couple steps? The other day he finally admitted that he’s procrastinating because he has ‘launch fear’.  See, his previous boat sank in a freak accident.  He’s nervous history will repeat itself.  Finally, he decided he needed to push past the nerves, and scheduled a boat survey knowing that if he didn’t, he might never put the boat in the water ever.

sans souci at anchor

While, I’m one hundred percent sure that history will not repeat and that come July 4, the Captain will be happily moored off Massachusetts’ south coast, I can totally understand his nerves.  On a much smaller scale, it’s like starting a book.  Getting the new idea easy, as is plotting the potential story.  But then suddenly you’re faced with a blank page and you find yourself wondering if this time around, the writing will suck.

Like the Captain, we have to push through the nerves and start typing.

That said, I am starting a new project this week.  A two-book duet that I’m calling “Sisters with Secrets.”  The books will revolve Patience and Meriwether Spreewell, two New England sisters who get an unexpected inheritance. Both are keeping secrets and both are about to find love. I’m looking forward to starting this project.  I think it’s going to be a lot of fun to write.

Soon as I get past the blank page.


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