Writing Productivity: Self -Confidence Update

positive energy lightA couple of weeks ago, I blogged about needing to cultivate self-confidence.  First thing I discovered is that there is a difference between self-confidence and self-esteem.  Self-confidence is feeling good about one’s ability at a certain task or skill.  Self-esteem is feeling good about one’s self period. Sadly, I need to cultivate both, but at different times.

There are days, for example, when I feel tremendously confident about my ability to write.  Usually after I’ve finished a project. Once I’m no longer immersed in the weeds of a manuscript, I often realize that the sentences on the page aren’t as bad as I imagined them to be.

What I’m discovering, therefore, isn’t that today’s productive writers have more self-confidence so much as they have 1) better self-esteem and 2) less fear. (Or perhaps they simply are able to swallow the fear better because they have better self-esteem.)   I’m hoping to figure this out a little more – and then work on building my own fearlessness.

Meanwhile, nothing boosts self-confidence like an accolade.  Being a finalist in the Booksellers Best Award was exactly the news I needed.  Maybe someday I’ll be self-actualized enough not to need things like awards and good reviews, but that day ain’t today.

Meanwhile Chad Allen recently wrote a blog post on positive self-talk and it’s role in success.  That a link to this article appeared in my Twitter feed at the very time I’m looking at self-esteem and confidence was quite fortuitous.   You may enjoy reading it too. http://www.chadrallen.com/2014/06/02/self-talk/

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