Guest Post: Bluebells by Harlequin Romance Author Kate Hardy

As anyone who reads my Wednesday Musings knows,  I am heading to the United Kingdom this fall.  Thus, I’m all about anything and everything English.  That’s why this week’s blog hop post is from my pal Kate Hardy.  She’s talking about bluebells – which we don’t have here in New England.  Seeing these pictures… Well, all I can say is: I. Can. Not. Wait. To. Go. To. Europe.

Take it away Kate!  (Oh, and don’t forget to sign up for the Chocolate Box giveaway! We’ve only a couple more weeks.)


I’m a teensy bit late to the Chocolate Box blog hop – partly thanks to deadlines, but partly because I needed a dry day to go and take pictures of my favourite bit of spring :o)

For me, that’s bluebells.

About ten miles down the road from me is a place called Foxley Wood. It’s the largest piece of ancient woodland remaining in Norfolk – it’s recorded in the Domesday Book and some is more than 6,000 years old. (I did mean it when I said ‘ancient’!)

And I know spring is really here when I can go and see the bluebells at Foxley. (You know that Robert Frost poem about two paths in a wood? This is what we ended up seeing…)

These are proper wild English bluebells – the bells are only on one side of the stem and they’re all blue. (When you see pink or white ones, or ones with bells on both sides of the stem, they’re hybrids from Europe; there are some gorgeous ones at Blickling Hall, but the wild English bluebells are the one that really capture my heart.)

Do you have bluebells near you? Or are there other woodland flowers that capture your heart?

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