What’s In Your Easter Basket

This week’s guest blog is courtesy of Samantha Hunter, whose recent Harlequin Blaze title Unexpected Temptation came out in February. Since this Sunday is Easter, she talks about Easter basket traditions….

Whether you observe the religious holiday or just enjoy getting together with family and friends, I imagine most people have some kind of Easter memories from when they were children. Most of mine – perhaps like everyone’s? – relate to my Easter basket.  My mother would make us go to Church on Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday, but for a child, largely it was the hurdle to be cleared in order to get to the large basket of goodies waiting after.

easter basketAmong the usual chocolate and other prizes usually earned in the egg hunt, my parents always put certain kinds of toys in the basket – the two I always remember getting were the Silly Putty™, the Chinese jump rope, a yo-yo, and the Slinky™.
I adored Silly Putty™, and my very favorite thing to do with it was to use it to pick up the print from the comic pages, and I would do that until it had so much ink that I couldn’t use it anymore, at least not for that. But then there were a million other things you could do with it until it was spent. The Slinky™, likewise, was the most fun to walk down the stairs – that was always a challenge. The thing inevitably became hopelessly tangled at some point, but there would be another one coming the next year.

The yo-yos were also a challenge, fun, but never one of my favorites, since I didn’t know how to do the fancy tricks. The Chinese jump rope was probably the worst, LOL, because I was the youngest, and I didn’t have any siblings my age to be able to use it – my parents clued into that after a bit and got me a regular jump rope. I also recall getting odd sorts of toys – the little dime store toys that now go for large amounts of money on ebay as “vintage.”

Oh, and sidewalk chalk! How could I forget that – frankly, I would still get into using that now, LOL.
So what was in your Easter Basket when you were a kid? Do you carry that tradition through with your kids or grandkids?

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