Life During the Downtime

I finished Larissa’s story on Monday and sent it off to the lovely Flo (she who makes me look brilliant) for reviewing.  Sadly, I’ve already dropped the ball on one of my 2014 goals which was to give her a clean, already revised manuscript.  One of the things I hate is that she ends up being my Beta reader.  (Although, in typing that, maybe I should ask how she feels about that – perhaps she doesn’t mind as she’s going to do some strong editing no matter how ‘finished’ the manuscript is.)

Anyway, now I have a week before revisions land.  I always hate this week, as it’s a bit of a void.  After weeks of intense writing, not having a project makes me feel at loose ends.  Oh, I have things to occupy my time all right. Mainly three weeks of paperwork and Rita reading that I let lag.  But I miss being immersed in my story.  Twenty-four hours removed, I’m already itching to work again.   I’m loathe to start something because a) I know Flo will be back to me within a week,  2) I really do need to clean off my desk of all that other work and 3) my house is in desperate need of a cleaning.

The other reason I’m a bit antsy is that when I finish Larissa’s story, I’ll embark on a new, super-seekrit project that will take me completely out of my writing comfort zone.  I’m eager to get going, but am afraid to dig in too soon, since I know that the moment I do, Flo will email the changes to me.  So, it’s paperwork, reading and cleaning instead.

By the way, you know what one of the biggest hurdles of being in this ‘tween projects’ void is?  Maintaining my daily work schedule.  It’s so tempting to lounge around in my jammies and listen to sports radio rather than get to work.  I’m going to work hard to keep up the momentum between now and when revisions land.  It’ll be good practice for when I’m off deadline and working the above super-seekrit project.  (Seriously, I just like typing super-seekrit.)


So that’s where I am.  I know – not the most insightful of blogs today, but then they can’t all be full of great and wonderful wisdom, can they?  What do you all do when faced with some unexpected downtime between projects?  Take some time off?  Focus on busy work?  Whether you’re a writer or a reader, I’d love to hear what you do.


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