A Writer Turns Fifty: New Beginnings

Blog about subjects you’re passionate about.  That’s the advice media guru Dan Blank gives, and I have to admit, the advice makes sense.  The more passionate you are about a topic, the more interesting your writing.   Plus, if the experts are right and blogging is old news, then you’re basically blogging for yourself so you might as well write about something you’re interested in. I spent the last few weeks wracking my brain for subjects.  That is, subjects other than writing, since I’m obviously passionate about my job.   See, I don’t really have a lot of hobbies – they went by the wayside when I published, my son is an adult so I don’t have fun “kid” stories, and my pets are more sarcastic than entertaining.  (Actually, I find their sarcasm  entertaining, but the commentary is largely in my head.) quoteBasically, I’m lacking a life.  Or rather, I’m in need of a new life.  I’ll be fifty years old in July, and as the date creeps closer, it dawns on me that I’m on the cusp of a great transition – my second act.  For nearly twenty years I’ve defined myself as a mother, a wife and a writer.  Now, for the first time I can carve out a different identity; a different wife, a different kind of mother, a different Barbara Wallace. That transition is my other passion.  This blog is where I plan to document my journey.  Lucky you all – because I tend to treat my blog as online therapy.   Throughout the year, look for the heading A Writer Turns Fifty.  And if a post resonates with you, I hope you’ll comment.  There’s nothing more helpful than a good online discussion.

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