So I’m taking a fondant cake decorating class….

Fondant, for those who don’t know, is like a sugar Play-doh that you can sculpt into shapes.  Bakers use it to make flowers and other fancy decorations.  I took the class because I’ve always wanted to learn how to make fancy cakes.  My goal was to learn enough to make something really pretty for the holidays.  Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

1. I can’t sculpt.  Seriously if I couldn’t make things out of real Play-doh, what on earth made me think I could make things out of sugar?  My flowers don’t look bad, but they definitely won’t win prizes either.  The thing is, I should have known based on how well I did in basic cake decorating.  When the teacher says “Good job” to everyone else and “Keep Practicing” to you, it’s a definite sign.

2. Fondant involves working with your hands.  I don’t like touching my food.  I like it even less when my instructor touches my food.  And given my lack of sculpting skill, she touches my fondant creations a lot.  Did I mention I have a touch of OCD?  I must wash my hands a dozen time a class.  The instructor thinks I’m strange.

Tomorrow night is our final exam.  Our homework involves making our own marshmallow fondant.  The very first line of the instruction was “Grease your counter top and coat with powdered sugar.”  Seriously?  I don’t care if I have to paper my entire kitchen with parchment paper – there’s no way I’m spreading shortening on my counter.

My final cake design is going to be a peach-colored base with orange fall flowers.  I’m going with a daisy-pattern since they are the easiest flower to make.  I’ll post pictures next week.

Wish me luck!

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