Is Anybody Out There?

I’ve been asking myself that question for a few weeks now. Since September, I’ve been showing up here every Wednesday and sharing whatever is on my mind. But why?

It used to be blogging was a great way to connect with people.  Readers, we writers were told, want to learn more about a writer’s day and thoughts.  Blogging bridges the gap between books.  Blogging lets you show your personality outside of your novels.  Etc. Etc.

These days,however, practically every writer I know has a blog. In fact, the market has gotten so crowded, that I swear the only people reading  blogs are other bloggers. And maybe the ten or twenty friends and family who pop by because they are nice people.  (By blogs, by the way, I mean personal blogs.  Industry blogs like Heroes and Heartaches or Smart Bitches and blogs by experts are a completely different matter.)

But getting back to my original question…. if I’ve got – at most – a blog following of ten – why am I still showing up? Some marketing experts would suggest I’m laying groundwork for the day when I do have a following. (There are secret plans afoot that I hope will bring readers!) Others would say that if I show up, the readers will eventually follow.

I think though, I like Samantha Hunter’s advice best: blog for yourself. When you think about it, this is sound advice. The original bloggers didn’t blog because they wanted readers – they blogged because they had thoughts they wanted to share. It’s similar to why I started writing novels. Sure, I wanted to become a bestseller (Still do; see secret plan note) but the reason I picked up a pen forty-three years ago (I was literally eight years old, no joke) was because there was a story I needed to tell.

All this rambling means that I’ll keep showing up on Wednesdays to share whatever information is in my head that day. Could be about writing, could be about my boy Tattoo, or it could be about nothing all that exciting. If people want to read my adventures, that’s great. If they don’t….I’ll still be showing up.


Oh hey! Speaking of blogging – you have two more days to follow Entangled’s Halloween Blog Hop.  Stop on by Chocolate Box Writers for a chance to win an eBook collection!

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