It Was Bound To Happen….

    My son, Tattoo has had a girlfriend for almost three years. She’s a lovely girl, and I have no doubt the two of them are  in love. Until this year, his girlfriend lived in town, which meant he came home from school to visit her. Meaning I got to see him a lot. This year, however, they’re at separate colleges, so instead of coming home on weekends, he’s heading to her dorm room.

    I’ve been expecting this day since the moment I had a son.  You know, the day I would stop being the most important woman in my baby boy’s life. It’s a good thing really – I want my son to become independent.  And Lord knows, I want him to find love and happily ever after. Still, when reality hits, you can’t help but feel a little sting.

    Now fortunately, Tattoo and I are close enough that he still texts and chats with me. For that I’m extremely grateful. And, like I said, I love his girlfriend – they are a very good match.

    But every once in a while, I get a little nostalgic for the old days. Of course, then my husband points out the dog that won’t leave my side – EVER – and I realize having your child move on isn’t always a bad thing.


    On a completely different note, I’m  participating in Entangled Publishing’s Blog Hop next week. Be sure to visit here and at the Chocolate Box to read the spooky posts!


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