This is a big week for me.

First, The Courage to Say Yes releases on Thursday.  Yay!  I have my fingers crossed readers enjoy this book.  I have a real soft spot for Hunter, the photojournalist hero.  He’s spent his whole life watching the world rather than living in it.  Now here he is playing knight in shining armor to Abby Gray and doesn’t know what to do.

The book is also a departure for me in that I tackle a more serious topic.  Abby wasn’t just burned by love – she was beaten and controlled by it.   In a recent  Glamour Magazine survey, 29% of the women interviewed said they’d been in an abusive relationship. Another 30% denied being in an abusive relationship, but then described abusive behavior.    Love does not hurt; love does not control; love does not put you down.  People need to love themselves first and foremost.  Don’t sit around and wait for prince charming to rescue you – rescue yourself.  I’m hoping Abby’s journey reflects that attitude.

Okay – preaching over. For now. I’ll be talking more about relationship violence later this month. Because it’s important to talk about.

The second thing happening this week is that I’m finally getting to work on a new novel.  This book is the second in a three book series kicking off in January.  Little known secret here: The first pass of a book is always hard for me.  I usually hate every word.  My goal with this novel is to learn to let the first draft simply splat on the paper.  Susan Mallery calls this “Throwing up and picking out the peas and carrots”.  I’m one of those writers who thinks every word has to be perfect from the get-go.  As a way of charting my progress, I’m going to be posting updates about the story as I go along.  Not only will tracking my progress help keep me on track, it might encourage aspiring writers.  I don’t know about you, but hearing someone else’s self-doubt always helps me cope with mine.

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