Deleted Scene

Since so many of my readers enjoy epilogues, I thought I’d post the deleted scene from The  Billionaire’s Fair Lady.  Enjoy!


Epilogue From the Billionaire’s Fair Lady

“I thought she’d be over her horse phase by now.”

Laughing, Roxy leaned her head against Mike’s shoulder.  “You’re adorable when you’re clueless, you know that?”

The weather at Bryant Park couldn’t be better.  Cloudless, unseasonably warm.  As though nature agreed the day should be as perfect as possible.

Then again, in Roxy’s opinion, things had been damn near close to great for a long, long time.

Over at the carousel, the bride was laughing while seated atop her white wooden stallion.  Her red curls flew in the breeze.  Next to her, a handsome dark-haired groom laughed too while a photographer snapped away.

Roxy smiled at the sight.  “This has nothing to do with horses?”

“It doesn’t?” Mike asked.  “Then why am I paying a small fortune for location photography when we could be eating stuffed chicken at the Landmark.”

She smacked his arm.  Both of them knew perfectly well he would indulge anything Steffi wanted, including buying her a personal carousel if that’s what she wanted.  The girl had him wrapped around both little fingers, and had ever since the day the three of them ran into each other on the sidewalk  Or as Roxy liked to say, saved one another.

Over the years they’d had their shares of ups and downs. Mike never stopped being a driven workaholic.  She never completely shook her insecurities.  Together they learned that life and love may not always be perfect, but as long as they were together, imperfection could be pretty damn good.  Like Mike once said, “you’re only a failure if you let yourself be.”

Now here they were, watching their daughter and her husband embark on the same journey.

Her husband shifted his weight, muttering something uncomfortable folding chairs.  “If it’s not about horses, what is it about?”

“This was the first place you ever took us, remember?”

“Of course I remember.  You were off fighting a makeover, and  I’d run out of entertainment ideas.”

It was the first of what became a family tradition.  Saturday afternoon outing.  To this day, Roxy couldn’t pass this park without grinning like a fool.  “You found our daughter her white stallion.”  Becoming Steffi’s hero from that day forward.  Roxy’s too for that matter.  “That’s the moment I fell in love with you, did you know that?”

“Really?”  Mike pressed his lips to her temple.  “For me it was the waitressing skirt.  What?”  The comment earned him another playful slap.  “Can I help it if you had a fantastic looking rear end?

“Still do,” he whispered huskily.

Roxy shivered.  Twenty years and that voice still made her melt.  “Down boy.  We’re at our daughter’s wedding.”

“Which means tonight is the wedding night.”

“Hers, not ours.”

A groan sounded in his ear.  “Thank you for putting that image in my head.  She’s still my little pony.”

“You’re little pony is a beautiful, grown woman.”

“Who looks exactly like her mother,” he replied, kissing her.

A squeal drew their attention back to the carousel.  Steffi’s husband, Brad, had her by the waist, spinning her around.  She was playfully batting at his shoulders.  “Think they’ll be alright” Roxy asked Mike.  “That they’ll make it?”

“If they have half the life together that we’ve had, they’ll be great”

His words washed over her.  The past two decades had been great.  “Have I told you lately that I love you, Michael Templeton?”

“Yes, but I never get tired of hearing it.  Or saying it back.  I love you too.”

“Mom, Dad, come on!”  From the platform, Steffi waved them over.  “We need you.”

“Alone time over,” Mike said.  He rose and held out his hand.  “Ready to ride the carousel again, Mrs. Templeton?”

Roxy wrapped her fingers in his.  “With you?  Always.”



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