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Of Being a Turtle

A few months ago I wrote a blog for the Naked Hero on how my spiritual totem is the turtle, and how apropos that is.  Turtles are slow, steady and eventually make their destination.  Every once in a while, I have to remind myself about that last part though.  Sometimes, when I’m inundated with other people’s great news – making the list, getting the big deal, finishing the single title, etc. – I forget.  Truth is, faster isn’t always better.  Perhaps I should rephrase that.  Slower isn’t always bad.  Just because I’m slower than other writers doesn’t mean I won’t make my destination eventually.  This  applies to making best seller lists, to writing the break out book and even my work in progress.  So my advice today to everyone is not to worry about their pace.  Everyone gets there eventually.

By the way, being a turtle also means I tend to retreat into my shell every now and again.  Especially when I’m faced with a looming deadline.  So if I disappear now and again, you all know why.

Happy Writing!

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