A Few Words About Depression

I been thinking a lot about depression these days.  Partly because the sad ends of because of the sad ends of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain shined a spotlight on the topic and partly because Leslie Kelly and I are giving a talk on Battling Writing Demons at RWA2018 in Denver. As a result, my desk is littered with articles on writers and mental illness.

Make no mistake. Depression is a mental illness.

Those of us who live with it will tell you that chronic depression follows us like a shadow. It is always lurking, waiting to wrap us in darkness. Keeping the shadow at bay is a constant battle. Medication and therapy help, but we have to remain diligent in using the tools we’ve learned. Grow complacent and the shadow will slip past your defenses.

Sorry if that sounds dramatic. Depression, however, liar that it is, feels dramatic.  It takes all your negative thoughts and magnifies them. Small problems feel huge. Small flaws become ugly gaping crevices that can never be fixed.

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